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While most IP address data services have technical or usage limits, Location Data offers very affordable unlimited packages. Why do others charge so much? We haven't figured that out yet. If you are looking for a dynamite service at an even better rate, you found us !

We are More Affordable

Comparable services can cost as much as $250,000+ per year and you don't necessarily get unlimited usage.
Our Unlimited Data plan is only a fraction of the cost and built upon the same IP technology and accuracy found in more expensive services.

We Have More Value

Other low prices IP data providers don’t always verify their data and keep it updated on a continual basis. We’ve even seen commercial services fake the results.
Combine accurate IP address data with your analytics package and you add incredible value to your business or organization.

We are Reliable

You get what you pay for – or you should. Location Data’s IP data accuracy falls in the same category as those charging 10x the amount for the same service.
We are always live and ready to go. It’s important that your IP data is correct, and as such we work to ensure LocationData IP Intelligence is always ready for you.

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